Method CRM

How many times have you used a software program and it just wasn’t quite right?

You want it to do “this” and instead it does “that.” 

Or it has so many features you don’t use that it’s overload and clutter. Maybe adding a certain feature or field will make it perfect but you know it will take years for the developer to consider your request and get it done.

With Method CRM you don’t need to wait, you can get what you want now! It is a great CRM program without customization, but having the ability to customize to your workflow instead of the other way around is like a dream come true.

Here are some ideas of things that can be done with Method CRM that you may not have thought of before:

  • Import summary data from Excel such estimates and contracts to populate forms in Method (these will also sync with QuickBooks)
  • Create an approval system for Purchase Orders, Projects, Expenses, and Time Tracking
  • Monitor all of your crucial information on a Dashboard created just for you
  • Create a custom questionnaire to use when a new customer calls for an estimate or other inquiry
  • Send me a notice every time one of my employees does “this” or that”You get to pick the “this and that”. 

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Kendrick Business Services is a Certified Method Consultant.

What does this mean for you?

It means we can create and manage your account for you. 

We will be there for you during implementation, training, customization and support.

We can help you with the customization process and develop a workflow that suits your business needs.

What is Method CRM and what can it do for you?

We looked high and low for the best software for our service based contractor clients to extend QuickBooks capabilities into the cloud. We found many software programs that “claimed” to do all kinds of things. But after more investigation they did not always deliver. Or they claim to be “web based” but they were really remote access with cloud hosting. Then we found Method CRM.

The reason we love Method CRM is the opportunity for customization. It takes the fields in QuickBooks and brings them to the cloud in a workflow just for your business. No two companies are alike, so why use software that doesn’t have all the features you need or has too many features that are not used. Giving access to just the screens each employee uses makes sense.

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We love that Method has an Outlook Plug-In. When we receive an email we can click on the Method icon and and a screen pops up in Outlook to create a new contact and activity and sends it to Method without ever leaving Outlook.

And if there isn’t a field in QuickBooks for information that you want to track, you can create the field in Method. Luckily Method CRM already thought of this and has built in fields for tracking campaigns, customer requests from your website and a whole lot more……..

The next time we log into Method all our activities are right there in a list, ready for us to track and update.

The Method Field Service Operations app is a great fit for our service based contractors. It works well “as is” or can be customized to your particular workflow. The possibilities are endless with Method CRM! We picked a few videos to give you an idea of the features. The presenter “Errol” is entertaining and does a good job!

Method CRM Contains Estimates just like QuickBooks, however, most estimators want a lot of details on an estimate; more than what is necessary for QuickBooks for progress billings. My solution is an Excel Spreadsheet Application that works with Method. With a push of a button in Excel, your spreadsheet is summarized by a Schedule of Values and uploaded into Method! Pretty amazing! And if you need a contract emailed to a client, that can be done with a push of a button too.

Do you have your own idea for Method CRM customization?

Let us know and we can help you develop an API that will work for you.

Method CRM is a pay as you go service, no contracts required.

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